San Siro

Over the weekend Nowness released this lovely look at the home of AC Milan and Internazionale by filmmaker Yuri Ancarani. While not your typical vignette on football, the hypnotic architectural short is an insightful look at one of the great cathedrals of the game. One that beautifully captures a parallel sense of the pseudo-religious devotion to it that so many of us share.


Another (strange) Chapter in North American Soccer History

When it comes to soccer's long and illustrious history of obscure and outré professional leagues in North America, the star-studded NASL of the 1970s typically springs to mind. It's the curious story of the Major Indoor Soccer League of the 1980s and 90s that recently piqued the interest of Joe Swide though. The former G.F.C. columnist penned a great article documenting both the history of the MISL and the great fan(s) cum archivists who are keeping the game's bizarre history here alive.

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Newswire: Gastown F.C. narrowly edged a top of the table encounter against GN Sporting Club at a rainy Newton Athletic on Friday evening. GFC took a fortuitous first half lead thanks to a Maddux free kick which found it's way through the area and bounced into the top corner. Buoyed by their luck, Gastown began the second period quickly and soon doubled their advantage through Bart. The two-goal cushion proved more curse than gift though as GFC sat back on the lead and were under pressure for the remainder of the match. GN pulled one back to set up a nervy finale, but a string of good saves from man-of-the-match Ostridge prevented a leveller. Salvador killed the game for the Ironmen when he headed in a third in the dying minutes.

MLS Next

Today Major League Soccer took a step into the future with the release of a new league crest. The new identity sheds the familiar boot and ball imagery which has featured on the leagues logo for the past twenty years, for a refreshingly effective crest. The wordmark being combined with the subtleties of the sport and the league's main pillars: Club, Country, Community, make for a perfectly simple design, though we're not sold on the slash starting outside the shield. Unique to the league though is the fact that each club has been given their own version of the crest – in their respective club colours – which will be used on the sleeves of their shirts. While there are a few which inevitably look quite similar,  Vancouver, New York City and Kansas City for example, it's a lovely understated detail from a design standpoint. With the significant growth of the sport in North America in the past 4-5 years, the new crest is a nice change which is another positive step forward for a league looking to establish itself on a global stage.

Read more about the re-brand here.


The Feeling - Brazil 2014 x Adidas

Missing the World Cup? So are we. To tide you over until the football season starts anew, here is a brilliant animation celebrating some of the best moments of the tournament in Brazil. Sure, it may not be as awesome as the Richard Swarbrick work (Messi v Getafe or Henman v Gustafsson) which it blatantly mimics and the music is godawful, but if you've not seen his work before this might be a chance to introduce yourself to it! Enjoy.


A call to arms, well legs really.

As the sun beats down on our slightly overweight, post-Pemberton poisoned corpses, it has dawned upon us that August long weekend is nearly upon us. To most, Auggy Long symbolizes a weekend of lake-filled fun. To GFC though, it's that special time of the year when we dust off the Total 90s, polish the Preds and tape up the holes in our Kings. As everyone laments the dwindling of Summer, we rejoice in finally getting to work on that beach body with a healthy dose of pre-season training. If like us, you've spent the last two months on the couch watching as Ron Vlaar and Benedikt Hoewedes played their way into your heart but are now looking to trade Cheetos for Catenaccio, we want to hear from you.

As Vancouver's 31st (estimated) most illustrious amateur footballing family is on the hunt for the next Rickie Lambert, as Gastown has a penchant for molding raw talent into beetroot canners. Following last season's heartbreakingly narrow relegation from the First Division of Vancouver's Metro Soccer League, The Iron are looking to bolster their ranks with committed, competent and sociable footballers.

We're based out of Andy Livingstone during the season and train twice a week. We'll be starting Pre-season the week of August 4th and so if you're looking to get back into competitive football, make some more friends, or if you're new to the city and need football to survive then send us an email - we look forward to hearing from you!

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If Brazil were still playing Germany...

Oscar scores a goal that only Neuer cares about

Ever wondered what the score would be if Germany and Brazil were still going at it..?

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Our Man in Rio - String Theãory

Happy Phil

Luckily for our intrepid reporter out in Belo Horizonte, the Brazilians were too upset to be really angry about being slapped about by Germany to do any slapping about. Despite this not being anywhere near the World Cup record loss (Hungary 10-1 El Salvador, 1982), it doubled the previous biggest losses by a World Cup host, and is the first time a major nation has been so humiliated. Hot off the scroll stashed inside a ceremonial ceramic statue of Christ the Redeemer is our man in Brazil’s take on the Misery of Minerão [given the obscurity of this article, we’re guessing he’s back on the Caipirinhas – Ed.].

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